Continuity checker
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Continuity checker

Continuity or electrical resistance tester (Ohm, Ω). Its measurement range reaches mega ohms (MΩ), which is an advantage over the use of the multimeter in many applications. It has a rear clip for easy transport and handling.

It emits an acoustic and luminous signal (led) proportional to the magnitude of the measurement

  • If the value of the resistance is small, the equipment will emit a sharp sound and a continuous and fast flickering, and it will remain on.
  • If the resistance value is too high it will emit a low sound and a slow blink.

Useful at:

  • windings
  • electrical panels
  • automobile
  • Electronics
  • electrodomésticos
  • home
  • industry


  • Diode polarity.
  • Capacitor testing.
  • Checking, shunting and stamping of cables and electric motors.
  • Inductors and transformers.
  • Detection of the water level and humidity.

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