DUMO Algacleaner AC60

Ultrasound algae mitigation 80 m
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The new way to fight algae with ultrasound:

  • Without chemicals.
  • No maintenance.
  • Surge protection.

Ultrasound is a long known method of combating algae. This environment-friendly method had not yet taken off because the scientific-technical aspects were in an embryonic phase.

Toscano has revitalized the ultrasonic method thanks to the development of a revolutionary new system. A software specifically created for this purpose, makes it possible to design an ultrasound program adapted to each application.

strong>Fish, aquatic plants and other aquatic inhabitants do not suffer any negative effect from ultrasounds. Depending on the program, the bacteria and single-cell diatoms that form the biofilm can also be killed.


  • >Strong>: tanks or rafts for irrigation, ponds, fountains, lakes, drinking water tanks, cooling towers, fish farms, aquariums…
  • >strong>Biofilm: water pipes, filters, high pressure installations, heat exchangers, irrigation hoses, drip irrigation…

Codes and references


230Vac, 80m/168º, cable 20m incl.


Ext. cable 20m

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