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Flood level monitor
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Flood level monitor.

  • Automatic pumping of water levels higher than 3mm to prevent flooding of rooms or premises by flood waters, rain, defective piping or defective washing machine.
  • Ideal for the total drying of flat surfaces where there is no manhole available to house a pump (garages, basements, laundries, roofs, car parks, pavements, toilets, etc.).
  • 100% plug-and-play, allows the pump to start and stop automatically by means of a timed level electrode.

Operation: When the liquid level rises above the electrode, the relay (pump) switches on after a fixed time delay of 5 seconds and remains switched on until the liquid level falls below the electrode for a fixed time delay of 25 seconds. If the liquid level rises above the electrode before the fixed 25-second delay expires, the relay remains switched on.

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