2 lifting station pumps, 1/3-Ph, 230/400Vac, level float switches/sensor
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Duplex control and protection panel for lifting stations, 2 single/three-phase pumps up to 22A, multicontrol.

The competitive and reliable control panel for lifting stations. Smart alternating control pumps with modular components and connectivity options.

  • Float switch fail-safe: Detects blocked or defective floats, maintaining correct operation.
  • Limited run time: Prevents dry running in case of blocked floats.
  • Full protection: Pump overload, phase failure & sequence, isolated control and sensor voltage.
  • Easy and intuitive settings: Just the display and one control knob make easy to adjust and safe to operate.
  • GSM connectivity available as an option.
  • Ready to install: Complies with safety electrical and machine directive standards.
  • Fits all control options: Float switches or 4-20mA sensor. 4 operation modes.
  • Fits any application: Drainage, sewage, lifting stations, transfer pumps.
  • Automatic or manual setting of motor overload (dry-running protection).
  • Different operation modes by float switches or sensor (multi-control).
  • Float switch failure protection by setting a safety time for the automatic pump stop (limited run time).
  • Acoustic overflow alarm by built-in 90 dB buzzer (alarm level float required).
  • Rechargeable battery 9V as power reserve (optional).
  • Forced pump start in manual mode.
  • Storage of pump operation data (total working hours and total number of starts).

Includes TPM-Drain-2 control module, level float switch fail-safe.

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: Dual voltage 230VAC I/III and 400VAC III – 50/60Hz
  • Pilot lights (LED):
    • Alarm level
    • Pumps status
    • Level status (ALARM, HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW)
    • Control mode
    • Limited run time
    • Alarm relay ON
    • Pumps out of service
  • Motor protections:
    • Overload
    • High temperature (thermal contact)
    • Phase loss / sequence as option
  • Displayed information (4-digit LED display):
    • Alarms
    • Level status
    • Run time data
    • Number of pump starts
  • Max. pump current: 12A (available 16A, 22A)
  • Alarm output relay: 5A max
  • GSM output relay: 5A max
  • Overload protection setting: 1,6…2,5A / 2,5…4A / 4…6,3A / 6,3…10A / 10…16A / 14,5…20A
  • Limited run time setting: OFF – 1…15 minutes
  • Floats voltage: Isolated 24VAC
  • Sensor voltage: Isolated 24VDC
  • Maximum terminal cross-section: 4mm² (power) / 2,5mm2 (control)
  • Size / Weight / IP / Temperature: 436x310x148mm / 5,1kg / IP65 / -10…+55ºC
  • Directives: 2014/35/EU (Low voltage) – 2014/30/EU (EMC)

Codes and references


ECO-DRAIN-2-1,6/2,5A, 1,6…2,5A


ECO-DRAIN-2-2,5/4A, 2,5…4A


ECO-DRAIN-2-4/6,3A, 4…6,3A


ECO-DRAIN-2-6,3/10A, 6,3…10A


ECO-DRAIN-2-10/16A, 10…16A


ECO-DRAIN-2-14,5/20A, 14,5…20A

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