Remote battery-operated electromagnetic flowmeter

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  • No moving parts, no restriction to flow (load loss is irrelevant).
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Long operating life.
  • 5m cable included (30m max).
  • Nominal diameter: DN25 to DN300.
  • Nominal pressure: PN16 (PN25 / PN40 optional).
  • Materials:
    • Inner liner:
      • hard rubber
      • E-CTFE (optional)
      • PTFE (optional)
    • Electrodes:
      • SS AISI 316Ti
      • Hastelloy (optional)
      • Titanium (optional)
    • Body: Stainless steel 1.4201 (dimensions according to DIN 17457).
    • Connection to pipe: Steel 1.0402 or superior (dimensions according to EN1092, DIN2501/BS 4504, ANSI B16.5, Sanitary DIN11851).
  • Flow range: 0.1 a 12 m/s (0.01 a 600 l/s) / (0.03 a 2100 m³/h)
  • Accuracy: 
    • 0.5…12 m/s: 0.25%
    • 0.1…0.5 m/s: 1%.
  • Ambient temperature: -20º…+60° C.
  • Liquid temperature:
    • hard rubber inner liner: 0º…80oº C (32º…176oº F).
    • PTFE (Teflon) inner liner: 0º…150oº C (32º…302oº F).
    • E-CTFE inner liner: 0º…130oº C (32º…266oº F).
  • Excitation coil temperature: -20º…150º C (-4º…302º F).
  • Minimum electrical conductivity: ≥ 5 μS / cm
  • Supply: Internal battery
  • Communications: USB (Modbus).
  • Protection:
    • sensor IP67/68
    • converter IP65
  • Data to visualize:
    • Flow (m³/h, l/s, US.Gal/min, Imperial.Gal/min, user).
    • Volume (m³, l, US.Gal, Imperial.Gal, usario).
    • Positive, total, negative and auxiliary.
  • Control keys:
    • Capacitive
    • USB
  • Other characteristics:
    • Test: excitation coil, sensor, electronic unit.
    • Status: internal temperature and supply.
    • Clock in real time.
    • Indication of empty pipe.
    • Datalogger: 100000 records (programmable sampling rate).
    • Registration: min and max flow, including date and time.

Codes and references


T550 DN25 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN32 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN50 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN80 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN100 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN125 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN150 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN200 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN250 PN16 remoto cable 5m


T550 DN300 PN16 remoto cable 5m

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