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Selection guide

With our new application to select surge protectors you will be able to make a selection of the Vigivolt family of surge protection devices that best suits your needs.

This new application provides an effective aid in the protection against overvoltages, both transient (mainly due to atmospheric discharges) and permanent. Protecting this type of installations is of vital importance, since overvoltages cause the deterioration and destruction of electronic and computer equipment and reduce the safety of users.
Toscano, European specialist in control and protection of installations, is the manufacturer of the Vigivolt series of surge protectors. It has a dedicated production line and its own testing laboratory.

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Control your pool

tpool allows to control the ECO-POOL digital control and protection panels, which include the TPM-POOL control module, using only a Smarthphone with the integrated Bluetooth connection.

Thanks to its simple interface, it will be very easy to configure and control all elements of the TPM-POOL module and the ECO-POOL panel. With just a few simple steps, you can set the filtration program, the color of the illumination and much more.

Toscano, European specialist in pump control and protection panels, is the manufacturer of Vigilec, the most complete panels on the market with the latest technology that can be adapted to all types of installations.

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Selection guide

The tsensor mobile application is a wizard for selecting the sensors and meters of the tsensor family that best suit each installation.

Toscano, a European specialist in measuring equipment, is the manufacturer of the tsensor series of sensors and meters. It has an exclusive production line with the latest technology on the market.

Thanks to its simple interface, it will be very easy to select from the wide range of products in the tsensor series, which includes electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters, level probes and meters, pressure switches and pressure or position transducers, both from our own production and from exclusive distribution of international brands.

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Solar pumping calculation

The tsolar application allows you to perform the necessary calculations for a solar pumping installation. The application is now available free of charge for Android, in tablet and smartphone format.

The perfect tool for calculating the solar field of each installation, simply by selecting the motor and solar panel data (power, voltage, intensity, height and width). The application indicates the solar field that best fits. Thanks to its simple interface it is a very easy to use application, and you will have your results in a few seconds.

Toscano, European specialist in pump protection and control equipment, is the manufacturer of the Vigilec series, which includes a large number of pump protection and control equipment. For its manufacture, it has an exclusive production line with the latest technology on the market.