ECO-VE, the only one that reassembles

27 March, 2023

ECO-VE, the only one that resets in case of permanent overvoltage and unblocks the meter in case of blockage due to maximum consumption.

In today’s electric vehicle market, it is essential to have surge protection equipment that complies with current regulations (ITC-BT 52), reliable and effective to ensure the safety of users and the proper functioning of recharging points. In this sense, Toscano’s ECO-VE surge protection equipment stands out as the best option available, thanks to its self-healing system, which makes it the only resettable surge protector for electric vehicles.

In this article, we will present the main features of the ECO-VE, explain how its self-healing system works and answer the most frequently asked questions about this type of equipment.

Features of the ECO-VE

The ECO-VE is a protection device against overcurrents, fault currents, atmospheric transient overvoltages as well as permanent overvoltages caused by the utility company, which is connected directly to the recharge point. Its function is to protect the charging point and the vehicle from surges that could damage its electrical components.

The ECO-VE has an overvoltage capacity of up to 4 kV and will protect our installation with a protection level Up (L/N)<1.5kV impulse voltage and a discharge current of 10 kA. In addition, it has a response time of less than 25 nanoseconds, which means it can protect connected equipment in record time.

One of the most important features of the ECO-VE is its self-healing system. This system allows the ECO-VE to automatically restore its protection capacity after an overvoltage event. In this way, the equipment is once again ready to protect against the next overvoltage.

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Operation of the autorearming system

The ECO-VE’s self-healing system is what makes it the only resettable electric vehicle surge protector on the market.

How does this system work?

After an overvoltage event, the ECO-VE cuts power and opens the circuit to prevent the overvoltage from reaching the connected equipment. Then, the equipment restarts automatically when the nominal voltage values are re-established and re-closes the electrical circuit to protect against the next overvoltage.

This self-healing system is particularly useful in places where there are frequent overvoltage events, such as in areas with thunderstorms, on the coast or in regions with unstable power grids. In these locations, the ECO-VE is the best option to ensure the protection of charging equipment and electric vehicles.

Frequently asked questions about ECO-VE

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about ECO-VE:

  1. Is ECO-VE suitable for all types of electric vehicles?

    Yes, the ECO-VE is compatible with all types of electric vehicles, regardless of model or make. The equipment is connected directly to the charging point charger and protects against overvoltages that can affect both the charging point and the vehicle as well as leakage currents and short circuits.
  2. Is ECO-VE easy to install?

    Yes, the ECO-VE is easy to install and can be done in a few minutes. The equipment comes with a detailed user manual that explains the necessary steps for installation. In addition, the ECO-VE connects directly to the recharging point, which means that no additional modifications are required.


In short, the ECO-VE is the only resettable electric vehicle surge protector available on the market. Thanks to its self-healing system, the equipment can protect against frequent overvoltage events and restore its protection capacity automatically.

If you are looking for a reliable overcurrent, fault current, transient and permanent overvoltage protection device for your electric vehicle charging point, Toscano’s ECO-VE is an excellent choice.

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