Recover your hydro energy for self-consumption thanks to Easy Hydro & Toscano

29 November, 2023

Solar and wind energy have rapidly gained ground as leaders in renewable energy. But hydropower, the oldest renewable energy of all, still plays a crucial role especially in small-scale installations.

In this aspect, we have solutions applied to specific installations such as water distribution networks in different sectors with high water consumption, such as mining. But What if there is hitherto untapped energy potential in these networks that could improve the energy efficiency of such industries? What if the technology already existed to reuse excess hydropower to increase the performance of your facilities without disrupting the operation of the industry?


With Easy Hydro and Toscano, you recover this energy and reduce the energy consumed from the grid.

Power generation has evolved thanks to Easy Hydro and Toscano, looking for more sustainable and efficient sources. One of the most promising innovations is energy recovery in water networks, whether in urban networks, mines or irrigation networks..
Easy Hydro’s proposal consists of taking advantage of the existing overpressure of a flow to generate electricity, reducing dependence on non-renewable sources and minimising environmental impact. These solutions represent a step forward in the search for cleaner and more sustainable energy.

aplicaciones tecnicas easy hidro toscano
aplicaciones tecnicas easy hidro toscano 2

How to reuse the energy generated?

Most water networks have points of excess pressure, where there are regulation devices that dissipate this energy, mostly by means of control valves or pressure reducing valves.

The use of small hydro turbines along the grid would be a more energy and environmentally efficient alternative. These turbines can be installed in a bypass parallel to existing control or pressure regulating valves or at the inlet of regulating tanks or bursting chambers, harnessing the energy that would be dissipated and transforming it into electricity to be consumed locally or fed into the grid.

Toscano panels, control and protection for your installation.

In this context, the quality of the control systems and electrical distribution play a crucial role in these installations and this is where Toscano offers an optimised system thanks to its experience as a manufacturer of industrial controllers.

easy hidro toscano e series turbines

In the world of power generation, efficiency and safety are paramount. Toscano’s electrical panels are designed to start and standby the turbines, providing precise control. In addition, they protect generators and measure energy accurately. These essential components optimise your installation, maximise efficiency and ensure a reliable power supply.

curadro toscano reutilizacion de energia

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your power generation, with a quick return on investment and simplified maintenance, Easy Hydro and Toscano’s proposal is the right choice. Power your power generation with state-of-the-art technology! 💡🔌

turbina easy hydro

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