New price list 2022. Great news for the sector

31 January, 2022

We present our new price list 2022, which will be effective as of February 1, 2010. This year, Toscano has opted for new technologies and has developed new products to provide solutions to the needs that are being generated in this sector.

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Solution of needs with cost reduction

The Vigivoltproduct family is one of the most changed in the new year. With respect to renewable energies, they have updated their range of photovoltaic protection panels, ECO-DC, adding new models that allow the protection of the alternating network, ECO-DC-INV-AC and ECO-AC, but at a lower price.

Another important development in photovoltaic protection has been the update of the PV range with new models of Ucpv protectors and with versions that incorporate a protection trip signal output.

Renewable energies, the spearhead

Continuing withrenewable energies, the electric vehicle continues to be part of Toscano’s expansion strategy, which has improved its products to offer facilities for both the installer and the end customer. That is why the new models of the ECO-VE-PRO-S and ECO-VE-COMBI-S series incorporate a schuko plug for auxiliary services as standard.

Other additions to the Vigivoltfamily are the new VxT-12.5/50SG transient overvoltage protectors, specially designed to offer 1+2 type protection in the centralization of meters, which also incorporate a spark gap.

To complete the Vigivolt family, two new differential models have been added. On the one hand, we have TMDA, a type A differential that incorporates magneto-thermal protection in a single unit. And on the other hand, we have TDA+6DC, anewly created equipmenthighly demanded by distributors and installers. It is a differentialcapable of detecting fault currents with a DC component higher than 6mA (RDC-DD).

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Continuous evolution, no cost increase

Continuing with the tcontrolfamily, it has been announced the incorporation of a new product, CT6, the new and improved continuity tester, the result of the evolution of its predecessor CT5 and which has an economic importantereduction of more than 20%.

On the other hand, the range of reactors and sine filters for TDS600 variable speed drives has been updated, adding new models with capacity up to 150A.

One of themajor technological developmentsreflected in this2022 price lististhe Vigilecfamily. After many years of development by the R&D department, T-CONNECT has been presented, a new communication module via Wi-Fithat allows the connection of Vigilec Compactswitchboards with a Smartphone, thus being able to remotely configure the panel, consult all the necessary operating data and receive status alerts.

Finally, the tsensorfamily includes thenew TSP pressuresensors, which incorporate a 4-20mA output, ideal for connecting an LED indicator or a variable speed drive.

For more information about the new tariff and all its novelties, you can contact Toscano through the following form, calling +34 954 999 900 or through our e-mail [email protected].

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